Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 19th September 2017

You are invited to attend the Parish Council Meeting on the 19th September 2017 at 7.30pm at Cranage Village Hall, CW4 8EQ

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Declaration Of Interest To receive any declarations of interest
Part 1- Public and Press Present The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 15 minutes. After questions the Chairman will reconvene the Parish Council meeting.
  • To approve any apologies for absence
1.     Minutes
  • To approve the minutes held on 8th August 2017
2.     Councillor Vacancy
  • To resolve to co opt a new Councillor – application circulated.
3.     Neighbourhood Plan
  • Cllr G Morgan to feedback to member’s progress and details from meeting on 13.09.17.
4.     Adult Fitness Area
  • Clerk to update members on feedback from the questionnaire.
  • Members to agree to proceed with the adult fitness area.
5.     Footpaths and Trees Report ·      To resolve to accept the report from the Footpath officer

·      The Clerk to update members on the feedback from the newsletter including feedback from Mike Taylor – to approve actions.

·      To build a footpath along A50 from the paddock to Windy Ridge garage – Cllr A Townson to propose to members

6.     Highways ·      Cranage Football pitches and the parking complaint.

·      M6 Highways screening on Oak Tree Lane – update.

·      Litter Picking – update.

·      Speed Display Units within the Parish – AT and MC to propose suggestions.

·      Verges along Kings Lane – Cllr A Townson to propose adding to CTC works / gullies 3296207

·      Highways meeting 4.10.17

·      AOB

7.     To adopt Complaints Policy , Training Policy and Plan ·      Council to adopt policies

·      The Clerk to update members on Local Council Award Status

·      The Chairman to update members on the training attended in August.

8.     Planning Applications To discuss the following planning applications and any circulated after the agenda publication:

  • UPDATE – 17/3605W Land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt lane, Cranage and Allostock CW4 8HJ – Silica sand extraction and associated development, mineral extraction           by dreading progressive restoration, mineral processing and dispatch – Comments from Council ( letter to Jodrell Bank , committee date 27.10.17 )
  • 17/4380C Parklands, Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EL – New dwelling in lieu of exisiting cattery on land rear of Parklands. Re submission of Planning ref 16/4600C
  • 17/3689C Holly House farm, Middlewich road, Cranage CW10 9LT – Minor Material amendment to application 36397/3
  • Land adjacent to Padgate, Twemlow Lane, Cranage – variation of condition 1 on approval 17/1361C Variation of condition 2 of existing permission 16/5077C;8 dwellings.
  • 17/41259C Ashlings, 61 Northwich Road, Cranage WA16 9LE Erection of single story extension to the rear of the property. Alterations to rear dormers and roof.

Councillor M Hodge to update full Council on the Planning Seminar Training attended in July.

9.     Accounts To note the balance of account – Leek United £30,275.36 + Natwest £39,933.60 = £70,208.96


·      £854.73 HMRC

·      £3795.40 Mrs J Mason ( Salary from APC,SPC,HW&SB PC and CPC June to September)

·      £57.00 Crewe Colour Printers

·      £250.00 Cranage Village Hall Hire

·      £35.00 CHALC – Cllr R Hurst

·      Clerks expenses June to September


·      £6,000.00 Precept Cheshire East

Donation to North West Ambulance

10.  Audit 2016/17 ·      To accept external audit

·      To approve Transparency Code Compliance

11.  Cheshire East To resolve to suspend standing orders to receive a report from any Ward Members present.

·      Arclid Waste site – update from Clerk

12.  Newsletter ·      Articles – Cllrs to sponsor

·      Website analytics – Cllr M Cohen to report

13.  Chairman’s and members report ·      Manchester Airport Meeting 19th September – Cllr A Townson to feedback

·      Clerks Appraisal – Chairman

14.  Clerks Report ·      Annual CHALC meeting 19.10.17

·      Connected Decision Making Event 31.10.17

15.  To note the next meeting ·      17th October 2017