Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 22nd May 2018

You are invited to attend the Parish Council Meeting on the 22nd May 2018 at 7.30pm at Cranage Village Hall, CW4 8EQ


Declaration of Interest To receive any declarations of interest
Election of Chairman for the ensuing year To sign the acceptance of office
Part 1- Public and Press Present The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 15 minutes. After questions the Chairman will reconvene the Parish Council meeting.
  • To approve any apologies for absence
1.     Minutes
  • To approve the minutes held on 27th March 2018
2.     Election of Vice Chairman for the ensuing year
  • To sign the acceptance of office
3.     To approve Council responsibilities for the ensuing year
  • Police
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Personnel
  • Communication (website and newsletters)
  • Highways
  • Finance
  • Business Plan Delivery
  • Planning
  • Community Liaison with outside bodies
  • Manchester Airport
4.     Highways
  • To resolve to suspend the Standing Orders to receive a report from Mr J Caruthers. – To discuss the results from the recent traffic monitors in the Parish
  • To note instructions given to Miller Goodall Ltd to carry out works
  • Goostrey Lane – site meeting Cllr M Cohen and the Clerk 2.5.18 – Simon Barker
  • Holly Hedge outside Manor Barns
  • Chevrons outside Twemlow Lane new housing – Cllr A Kolker
  • Hermitage Bridge
5.     The Annual Governance Statement is accepted Part 2 page 5 is accepted
  • Approved by full council
6.     To accept the Summary of Accounts
  • Part 2 page 6 are completed and approved by full council
7.     Neighbourhood Plan
  • Governance – to approve a Terms of Reference.
  • Responses to questionnaire returned
  • Designate area – update
  • Project Plan – Cllr R Hurst and Cllr G Morgan
8.     Bowling Club / Needham Estate
  • Full Council to discuss options for the anti-social behaviour – comments from the Annual Parish Meeting.
9.     Footpaths and Trees Report To resolve to accept the report from the Footpath officer
10.  Football Pitches in Cranage
  • To receive an update from the Clerk
11.  Adult Fitness Area
  • To receive an update from the Clerk
12.  Planning Applications To discuss the following planning applications and any circulated after the agenda publication;

  • To note the appeal – 17/4380C Parklands, Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EL – New dwelling in lieu of existing cattery on land to the rear of Parklands. Resubmission of planning application ref 16/4600C
  • 18/2015C 18 Byley Lane, Cranage – single storey rear and side extension.
  • Hunters gate, Byley lane, Cranage CW10 9LW – Creation of new tennis court and small pavilion at rear of existing dwelling and ancillary works including a new gravel footpath and landscaping.


Update on Sibelco application – Cllr M Cohen

Council expecting to launch New Homes Bonus Scheme – Cllr A Kolker

13.  Accounts To note the balance of account – Leek United £30,275.36 + Natwest £32,698.33 = £62,973.69


·      £276.22 – RG & ME Street & Son Ltd

·      £220.80 – JDH Services Ltd

·      £1,000 Mr J Carruthers

·      £696.02 Zurich Municipal

·      £36.00 CPRE

·      £20.00 – CCA

·      £1,152.00 Cheshire Wrought Iron

·      £209.58 – SPC (computer)

·      £155.00 Crewe Colour Printers

·      £519.60 Crewe Colour Printers

·      £84.00 Crewe Colour Printers

·      £75.00 – SLCC

·      £348.48- CHALC Affiliation Fee


·      £400.00 RAG

·      £10,000 Precept

·      £50.00 Village Hall

·      £987.14 SPC

·      £1,289.16 NACM PC

·      £684.84 HW&SB PC

The Clerk to note the cheque issue to SPC

14.  Cheshire East To resolve to suspend standing orders to receive a report from any Ward Members present.

·      Speed on Northwich Road

15.  Chairman’s and members report ·      Dementia Friendly – Actions
16.  Clerks Report ·      GDPR – update

·      Business Plan – review required

PART 2  
Website ·      Clerk to update an issue reported to CPC
Local Plan meeting ·      Cllr G Morgan to update Council on meeting with CE on 9.5.18 at Cheshire East
To note the next meeting ·      19th June 2018 @7.30pm