Proposed Fitness Area for Cranage

It is clear to see that modern society has changed, we spend our days sitting, either at a desk, driving to work, driving to school, watching TV or hours sat at our computers.

The Parish Council has been approached by a local resident, Clare Hewson with a plan to build a Fitness Area next to the children’s playground.

This plan would offer the residents of Cranage an alternative, but before we can go ahead we need your views.

Artists Impression of what maybe Included: Tyre Run, Gate Climb, Parallel Bars, Multi-Exercise Bench, Net Climb, Over & Under Hurdles, Bunny Hops, Horizontal Ladders, Heaves & Leaving Heaves.

Why does Clare think exercise is important?
Due to the severe detriment sitting poses to our health it has coined the phrase “SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING”. This is most alarming and even teenagers are suffering with poor posture, back ache, tension, depression, muscle weakness,obesity and there is an epidemic of poor circulation, diabetes type II, heart disease, muscle and joint problems in our modern culture.

Everyone should consider their health and well-being. We need facilities that are more challenging and height appropriate to inspire residents to get outdoors, breathe fresh air and MOVE!!

To take part in physically challenging pursuits is paramount to all, to combat sedentary lifestyles and feel good about ourselves physically and mentally.

Who can use the facilities?
The facilities are designed for anyone over 12.

Would any Free Training Sessions be offered?
Clare has offered to give up her time on request to give opening sessions.

How much will it cost and who will pay it?
It will cost approximately £40,000 and funding will be sought through the National Lottery and various organisations.

Who will keep up the maintenance of the facility?
We have approached Cheshire East Council to take over the management and maintenance of the facility once completed.


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